Saturday, December 17, 2011

How long would it take to refund money to a debit card?

Hi so i accidently bought 2 of the same items from nordstrom with my debit card. I had called to cancel one order. How long does it usually take to refund money back into my account?|||It can take up to a week. Keep an eye on your checking account so that you don't accidentally spend it before it is back in your account.

Check back with Nordstrom's to make sure that they are submitting the credit back to your account.|||It could also depend on which bank you go with.But sometimes, it will take one-three days for it to become active on your account. Im a employee at USAA bank and it could be in your account tomorrow. Banks do transactions on weekends. If its not in your accounnt by monday, then file a dispute with them again.

How old do you have to be to get a Debit Card?

I am 12 and i was planning to get a debit card am i old enough????|||Yes.|||yeah.

just need a parent to open the account for you.

you'll get a youth account that's free.

when you turn 18 you'll get a letter asking you to choose a savings/checking account %26amp; it'll cost you money every month.

but right now you can get a savings account with your parents consent for free.|||if you can get a checking account at your bank, you can get a debit card, since the debit account is linked to your checking account.|||I think you can get one at any age with a parent's consent. 18 without.|||Ask your parents And Yes yu can hehe|||yes ask about teen acounts

How to apply for paypal debit card?

So the basic background is that I want to buy from amazon but they don't take Paypal so I was interested in the debit card that Paypal offers. In the application it asks for a credit card but I don't have one. Is there any any way to get the paypal debit card without an existing credit card. Currently by payPal is linked to my savings.|||go to click on credit card.|||Oscar, please go apply for the debit card. That way paypal will do a credit check and figure out whether or not you are 18 or not. If you are not, they will freeze the account until you are.

Is there any way to prevent an accidental debit card overdraft?

Can a 15-yr-old get a debit card with parent signature and somehow not accidentally overdraft? For instance, if the amount in the account is $20 and they try to make a purchse of something that costs $25, is there anyway that the card could have some sort of protection on it so that they couldn't go over the amount they have in the account?|||Contact the bank.

How about learning to keep track of your bank balance and not spending money you don't have?|||This isn't possible as there is no way to know what checks have been written on the account. If the account was only electronic the card can be set not to authorize purchases if there is not a positive available balance. The problem is that the kid has no way of knowing what the parent has done to the account.

A better way to do this is to set up a student account funded by the parent's account. The debit card on the student account can then be set to not to allow an OD. The parent can also control the spending of the child this way while allowing the child to make their own spending decisions.|||yes your bank will have on over draft protection. It just like a credit card. If you go over that part take over and you will save on the fees.

But you have to be approved just like owning a credit card.|||jsut tell your bank you dont want the card to have overdrafts.|||You can take overdraft protection off of your card, through your bank. All they would have to do is sign a piece of paper authorizing the change.|||I guess you didn't read the message your bank sent you (via e-mail, logging into your account or snail mail) where you can opt-out of overdraft protection such that the card would be denied. I know you got it because it was federal law that all customers be notified of this.

So, contact the bank and set it up.

Can a River Island credit note be put back onto my debit card?

I bought some jeans from River Island a while back on my debit card but took them back because they were faulty. I accidentally forgot to take the original debit card so they issued me with a credit note for the full amount.

My question is: Can I have the money from the credit note put back onto my card if I take it to a store?|||they should be able to do it!!!

What's the difference between mastercard and debit card and visa?

what's the difference between master card and debit card and visa?|||master card and visa are just different credit card companies. A debit card is a card the is linked directly to your checking account while a credit card draws from a line of credit.

Can I have a savings account from a credit union AND hold a debit card from citibank?

Is that possible?

I'm graduating high school and need a savings account for college and a debit card is probably helpful as well.|||Yes, you can have accounts at two different financial institutions. Remember, your citibank debit card will only work from the funds you have in the citibank account. You will not be able to use that card to access the funds you have in your account at the credit union.

If you are interested in having the ability to transfer funds from your savings account to your "checking" or debit card account quickly, easily and with no fees, you'll want to have two separate accounts at one financial institution.

Hope this helps. Good luck!|||I don't see why you couldn't.